Climate Ecosystem

Climate change is one of the all-encompassing global environmental changes likely to have harmful effects on the natural system and the human systems, economies, and infrastructure in cities everywhere. Cities face an uncertain future, and design could help them prepare.

  • How to develop a diverse network of actors and designers that can support a resilient marketplace for climate change solutions?
  • How do we develop an urban ecosystem-focused framework for climate change adaptations?
  • How do these ecosystems reduce vulnerabilities and help us to adapt, survive, and grow?
Climate Citizens

Climate change will challenge all of our systems and normal ways of working, exposing vulnerabilities as we struggle to adapt. Design must consider how to foster a spirit of adaptation more broadly and ensure multiple delivery pathways for citizen that can accommodate surges
in demand or disruption.

  • Outside of systematic, top-down solutions, what role do designers, individuals and communities play in driving adaptation?
  • What do holistic and inclusive approaches look like and how effective/scalable could be?
  • How does the need for adaptation impact design and the role of designers?
  • What does that look like now and what does the future hold?
Climate Apartheid

Climate change has worsened global economic inequality, and climate apartheid is imminent. Designers must consider how to provide access to lifesaving resources to prevent or reverse the worst of climate change impacts.

  • How to create more equitable solutions and responses to climate change?
  • How do we implement innovative or technology-enabled solutions in ways that will decrease divides between social, cultural and economic groups?